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Robust corporate and organizational consulting.

HRA frequently offers psychological consultation to business and organizations. Evaluation and intervention frequently assist in areas such as employee selection, management development, promotion, job jeopardy, fitness to return to work or job transition. The most frequent request is for a Corporate Psychological Assessment.

A Corporate Psychological Evaluation uses validated psychological instruments, social, vocational, and interview data evaluated by a doctoral level psychologist to assist an organization to select, train and managing candidates and employees. A Corporate Psychological Evaluation provides information concerning your candidate’s intellectual, emotional, interpersonal, cognitive and motivational traits. This adds considerable information, an effective model and consultation to the personnel process. Numerous Human Resource Departments use the assessment as part of hiring, promotion, development, problem employee assessment etc.

A Corporate Psychological Evaluation can be adapted to your particular needs. Some require approximately three hours; including an interview and testing. Some are done online with a brief verbal consultation in lieu a comprehensive narrative report. Immediate computerized scoring allows our management psychologists to offer consultation within hours concerning a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality, motivation, and job compatibility. A detailed written report is supplied upon your request.

For more information, please read our business consultation FAQ.

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