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Robert J. Baird, MDiv, MSW, PhD


BA, Hope College
MDiv, Western Theological Seminary
MSW, Grand Valley State University
PhD, Union Institute & University


Licensed Psychologist, State of Michigan

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Counseling
  • Marital & Couples Counseling
  • Independent Medical Evaluation
  • Disability Evaluation
  • Workers Compensation
  • Personal Injury / Psychiatric Harm
  • Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation

About Dr. Baird

With his unique combination of degrees and experience, Dr. Baird's practice involves clinical, forensic, and organizational psychology.

Within the clinical area, Dr. Baird provides evaluative and counseling services to individuals, couples, and families. Dr. Baird's approach is brief, solution- focused. Areas of clinical expertise include marital and relationship counseling; individual treatment of anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, adjustment issues, as well as PTSD. He is a Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional (ICATP). He is also a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional. To learn more about Dr. Baird's clinical style, click on the Psychology Today link located below.

Dr. Baird also conducts forensic evaluations on referrals from attorneys, the court, and social services. Principal practice areas include: Capacity to Parent (referrals from Children's Protective Services and affiliated social service agencies); Independent Medical Evaluations (IME); Disability Evaluations; Workers' Compensation; and Personal Injury/Psychiatric Harm.

For his corporate clients, Dr. Baird conducts comprehensive evaluations to assist businesses with employee selection and promotion decisions.

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More from Dr. Baird

Anxiety - Panic attacks, social anxiety, phobias, OCD, and generalized anxiety/worry are conditions that are highly treatable. You will experience the most success working with a clinician who is trained and certified in the use of neuroscience to rewire the circuits in your nervous system which ignite and perpetuate your distress.

Counseling for Adults - People with anxiety, depression, and other emotional problems can benefit from counseling in order to function fully and modulate the chance of recurrence. Psychotherapy can be highly effective, with many people experiencing improvement in as little as 8 weeks. Counseling is aimed at helping the person develop new ways of thinking; develop coping strategies; identify and avert situations likely to rekindle the problem; and improve interpersonal relations. Without treatment, people may strain and destroy relationships; isolate themselves from the community; compromise their performance at work; and risk increased health problems. Dr. Baird's clinical style is solution-focused which is goal-directed, aiming for resolution.

Marital Counseling - If you are experiencing tension or disappointment in your marital relationship, you are not alone. The majority of Dr. Baird's clinical practice involves working with couples who need some expert guidance to improve communication, resolve conflicts, and rekindle emotional and physical intimacy.

Relationships - A healthy, secure relationship can serve as an ongoing source of support and happiness in life. It can strengthen all aspects of your wellbeing, from your physical and mental health to your work and connections with others. However, a relationship that isn't supportive can be a tremendous drain on you emotionally. Love and relationships take work, commitment, and a willingness to adapt and change with your partner. Whether you're looking to keep a healthy relationship strong or repair a relationship on the rocks, Dr. Baird can help you build a caring and lasting union.

Family - Got an undeclared war going on with the family? Dr. Baird can help you find a truce and work toward re-establishing peaceful, loving relationships. It's about relational diplomacy: listening, negotiating, mutual understanding, respect, and a renewed commitment to honor the family system.

Trauma - Traumatic life experiences can fuel issues of anxiety and depression. People who are struggling from trauma may have difficulty maintaining stable relationships or employment. Some develop problems with drugs and alcohol. Dr. Baird is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional trained in evidence-based trauma treatments and interventions.

Adolescents - When your child was in the throes of the terrible two's, you expected the tantrums and the turmoil. But that was long ago and now you are dealing with a kid who can be loving and clinging one moment, and full of venom the next. If that's the case, Dr. Baird can help you, your teen and your family. The first task is to determine if the behavioral problems are reflective of a psychological condition, and if so, strategize and de-escalate the tension, enhance family communication skills, and solve the underlying problems.

Clinical / Diagnostic Evals - In the field of psychology, there is a process known as differential diagnosis in which a clinician gathers data from a clinical interview, objective psychological testing, and other reliable sources to determine the etiology of critical symptoms. Often times a physician will refer their patients for an evaluation so that there can be a collaborative decision in prescribing medication and orchestrating a proper course for treatment.

Disability/Workers Comp/IMEs - Upon referrals from claim organizations, attorneys, and other individuals involved in the administration of disability or workers' compensation claims, Dr. Baird offers Independent Medical Evaluations. IMEs are comprehensive clinical evaluations which provide an unbiased assessment of a claimant's diagnosis, mental status, and clinical prognosis.

Corporate Evals - Hiring, promoting, and developing the right people for specific jobs represent some of the most important decisions that companies make. Dr. Baird utilizes a constellation of assessment instruments to gain an understanding of an individual's intellectual capacity and personality dynamics that influence job performance.

Corporate Consultation - Dr. Baird consults with businesses, organizations, churches and ecclesiastical judicatories to assist in personnel matters which involve hiring, promotion, conflict resolution, and behavioral misconduct.

Forensic Consultation - Dr. Baird conducts forensic evaluations on referrals from attorneys and the court. Principal practice areas include: Independent Medical Evaluations (IME); Disability Evaluations; Workers' Compensation; and Personal Injury/Pyschiatric Harm.

Cyber Affair - As impersonal as it may seem, the anonymity, immediacy, and accessibility of flirting, sexuality, and romantic contact on the Internet has been an epidemic. Author of the book, Just One Click, Dr. Baird has worked with countless couples who have presented with symptoms ranging from cyber-flirting to veritable online affairs. In some cases these affairs have moved from the computer screen to actual physical contact.

Sexual Tension in Relationship - In many relationships, both partners may have different sexual needs, and what can seem excessive for one partner is often not enough for the other. The result, for some couples, is tension in the bedroom. The tension is the result of differing levels of sexual desire, frequency of intercourse, or a discrepancy in two people's sexual styles and interests, but due to a couple's inability to address the issues. Sex is difficult enough to talk about, but when there is tension as a result of sex, the difficulties multiply.

Sexual Addiction - Sexual dependency or addiction is a common problem that can be successfully treated. Individual and group treatment can help an individual gain self-control over his/her sexual behaviors and attitudes. In lieu of the addictive behavior, an individual is taught how to be in a caring and committed relationship with a loved one.