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Forensic Center

Versatile forensic techniques.

The Forensic Center at HRA is able to provide comprehensive forensic psychology services including specialized psychological evaluations to be utilized in family, criminal, probate, and civil courts. Our clinicians provide clear and objective reports as well as expert testimony.

Divorce & Custody

HRA offers support for those who are considering separation or divorce, whether with or without children. The HRA professionals can assist with co-parenting support, blended family support, and family therapy to help make the transition as healthy as possible for everyone involved. Occasionally, the court may request the input of a professional in determining parenting time arrangements, parent fitness evaluations, and psychological evaluations.

Sex Offender

At times, attorneys and their clients may find it useful to have a Sex Offender Evaluation to assess an individual’s risk of recidivism. Courts commonly use these evaluations to help make determinations about sentencing. Such evaluations should be conducted by professionals who are knowledgeable and specifically trained on the use of clinical and actuarial assessment tools that are available for this referral question. This evaluation consists of several hours of interview and evaluation, which results in a written report offered in confidence to the client’s attorney.


There are occasions in which a defendant is found competent to stand trial, and is considered criminally responsible, yet there are remaining intellectual and/or psychological factors that may have contributed to an individual’s criminal behavior.

Following a conviction, and prior to sentencing, an evaluation focused on assisting the courts in developing a comprehensive and complex understanding of a defendant’s psychological make-up may be helpful. This evaluation can consist of several hours of interview and evaluation, resulting in a written report to be offered in confidence to the defendant’s attorney. At the end of the evaluation, a diagnostic understanding of the defendant, along with treatment recommendations, will be provided.


HRA offers services to lawyers, the courts, and investigative authorities who want to determine an assessment of an individual's ability to understand, appreciate and participate in a court process or other legal proceedings. In a court setting, competence can be assessed to determine if a defendant is competent to stand trial, plead guilty, etc.

There are also instances where there is a question of whether or not someone is competent in their ability to live independently, manage their personal finances, enter into contracts (i.e. make a will), or make decisions in regards to their medical care.

Our services are often based on the individual client’s legal situation.


We offer comprehensive forensic and criminal psychological evaluations for both juveniles and adults. These types of evaluations may be provided to attorneys, prosecutors, judges, and families of the accused. Services include criminal responsibility/insanity evaluations, competency to stand trial evaluations, evaluations to be utilized in sentencing decisions, child abuse/neglect evaluations, and risk assessments for violence or sex offending.

Our services can be tailored to your situation and needs.

Substance Abuse

HRA has two Certified Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselors (CAADC) on staff to provide substance abuse assessment (i.e. drunk driving assessments) to determine appropriate type of treatment. These evaluations are consistent with most court requirements, as well as Sobriety and Drug Court mandates.

Clinicians specializing in substance abuse evaluations:


HRA Psychological Services provide disability evaluations for individuals, families, legal, and corporate clients. Evaluations include both intellectual and emotional assessment of the person in order to determine ability to return to work, perform specific job tasks or functions, and live independently. This type of evaluation may be necessary for insurance eligibility, worker's compensation, legal or court issues, family and individual concerns.


HRA has clinicians experienced in providing specialized psychological evaluations to be utilized by the courts to establish whether or not an individual needs a partial guardian or plenary guardianship. Our clinicians are also able to provide expert testimony to the courts in regards to guardianship.

Our Forensic Center Team Includes:

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