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Thomas M. Spahn, MSW, EdD


BA, University of Notre Dame
MSW, Western Michigan University
EdD, Western Michigan University


Licensed Psychologist, State of Michigan

Areas of Practice

  • Adult Counseling
  • Adolescent Counseling
  • Marital & Couples Counseling
  • Divorce & Custody Evaluation
  • Disability Evaluation
  • Clinical Diagnostic Evaluation
  • Corporate Evaluation
  • Vocational Evaluation
  • Business Consultation

About Dr. Spahn

Dr. Spahn has worked in Mental Health settings since 1975 and has been a Licensed Psychologist since 1986. Work is with adults and senior citizens. Has special interest in affective Disorders and Post Trauma Issues. He is a frequent “Expert Witness” in reference to Family Forensic Law evaluations such as Divorce/Custody/Parenting issues.

Dr. Spahn has offered therapeutic and evaluative services since 1975. What began with therapeutic services offered to veterans returning from the Vietnam War, has broadened to working with any individual who has experienced significant life trauma, including: Post Traumatic reactions, Depression, Anxiety or problematic personality patterns. The trauma may be recent or past and originated through physical or sexual abuse, crime, illness, domestic violence, disaster or dysfunctional families. Dr. Spahn guides patients to make the choice between living a live that experienced trauma, or allowing trauma to live one’s life.

Dr. Spahn’s maturity has influenced new interests in individuals who are approaching or experiencing the later chapters of their careers or lives. Traumas can reemerge, problematic family patterns continue, depression and anxiety can result from the real issues of changes in lifestyle, family relationships, finances, health etc. Any shared interests in gun dogs, grandchildren, sailing, fly fishing, guitars or making furniture from old wood is always a treat.

A significant part of Dr. Spahn’s practice is providing psychological evaluations. His belief that family experiences either built or compromised personal strengths has led to his work providing Family Forensic Assessments in the areas of parental capacity, custody/parenting, foster care/adoption etc. He also administers psychological Independent Medical Exams to assist in disability determination. His work with veterans and disability assists with assessing potential service connected disabilities for issues such as Post Trauma and Traumatic Brain Injury.A final area grew from his work studying the “other side” of a veteran’s military experience—leadership. This fostered research into leadership models and the process of using corporate psychological assessments to identify attributes of sound business leadership candidates.

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