Therapy and Counseling

Unlike support and guidance from friends or family, psychotherapy and counseling involve interpersonal treatment provided by a licensed clinician who has achieved Doctoral or Master’s level training. Psychotherapy is a process of self-examination focused on increasing awareness of emotions, attitudes, and behaviors. During a psychotherapy session, the therapist will ask questions and listen carefully. The therapist will help you understand the behavioral patterns while pointing out new ways to think or behave. The therapist’s goal is to reduce emotional pain, modify ineffective behaviors, and enhance personal understanding.

Basic Information on Therapy Sessions

Counseling appointments are available Monday through Friday. While the office is open 8am to 5pm, some clinicians can be available for evening or Saturday appointments.

A counseling session typically lasts 45-50 minutes. Our therapists make every effort to stay on schedule. However, emergencies do arise occasionally, and we respectfully request your understanding. If you have waited 15 minutes past your appointment, please notify the receptionist.

After business hours, our phones are directed to an answering service, who will contact a member of our staff for urgent situations.

Confirmation calls are made two business days before your scheduled appointment. If you prefer, no confirmation call will be made.

It is the client’s responsibility to schedule and follow-up with appointments.


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Child Counseling

Counseling services for children are tailored to each individual's need(s) and may be supportive, and/or skills-based in nature. Therapy may target a broad range of areas, including difficulties associated with behavioral, emotional, social, attentional, and/or developmental problems. Individual therapy services for children often include collaboration with parents to assist with techniques to better manage the child's difficulties across settings (e.g., home, school, and community environments).

Adolescent Counseling

Individual therapy services for adolescents can assist with problem-solving and support during this transitional time of life. Depending on the individual's needs/circumstances, a supportive focus and emphasis on skills addressing anger management, general problem-solving, mood management, anxiety reduction, and/or communication skills may be included.

Adult Counseling

Adult counseling sessions are available for a variety of emotional, environmental, interpersonal and behavioral difficulties such as depression, anxiety, relationship problems, anger management and bereavement. Psychological services also are provided for adjustment problems secondary to major life changes and/or stressors that arise after divorce, relocation, job loss and other emotionally disruptive experiences.

Ultimately our goal is to educate our clients about all the treatment options available and empower them to reach their personal and therapeutic goals. This is accomplished through either individual or family/group counseling sessions in a calm and supportive environment. Working together, we can work through life's toughest problems to increase your quality of life.

Marital Counseling

Marriage counseling is directed at improving or repairing marital relationships. Topics such as caring behaviors, interpersonal communication, intimacy, decision-making, problem-solving and mutual parenting are explored. This treatment often accompanies or is the primary intervention for other issues such as substance abuse, domestic violence or family therapy.


Family Counseling

Occasionally, we find that the individual in the most distress may not be the prime cause of the difficulty but other aspects of family function are at issue.  Via problem solving based counseling, these issues can often be both understood and corrected.  Sometimes, entire families are seen at the same time; at other times, different segments of the family are seen such as spouses, siblings, or parents and children.

Frequently, in family therapy, homework assignments are given to work on at home and are reviewed at the next session.