HRA Psychological Resources provides a variety of consultation services specifically tailored to the needs of our diverse client base. The consulting services we offer include parenting consultation for new parents or those having problems with parenting. Clinical supervision is offered to other professionals developing their skills and abilities. Competency consultation and forensic/legal consultation is offered to legal professionals, law enforcement, and to the court system. Consultation services are also offered to corporations in matters including new hire interviews, performance evaluations, and promotions.

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Being a parent can be challenging at times. Our trained clinicians can offer parents and families an assessment of child and family dynamics that may be interrupting the family unit.  We also may offer insight and perspective about tools, parenting skills, and community and school resources to help families with a variety of concerns.

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Clinical Supervision

HRA also offers clinical supervision consultation services to other professionals. Due to our team of highly trained clinicians of varying backgrounds and specialities we are able to assist developing practitioners to provide better patient relations, quality of service, and patient outcomes.

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HRA offers services to lawyers, the courts, and investigative authorities seeking to assess an individual's ability to rationally understand and actively participate in the legal process. Following the evaluation, a report can be prepared and submitted to the attorney or to the court. Each clinician that conducts these evaluations has knowledge and experience in offering testimony to the courts.

Competency consultation can also include evaluation pertaining to one's competency to make medical or financial decisions.

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Forensic and Legal

Forensic & Legal consultation can take on a variety of forms.  This could include a forensic records review, discussion of a case to identify potential avenues for legal strategy, witness training, or courtroom consultation.  For further information please contact our offices.

Corporate or Organizational

Human Resource Associates offers corporate consultations to business clients in matters of employee evaluations, promotion considerations, interviews. We also offer assistance in management operations, human resource departments, and employee assistance programs. It is often typical of businesses to experience repetitive problems which degrade the productivity of an otherwise healthy and functional work-force.

If left unaddressed, small issues can snowball into greater problems of stress and additional burdens which may lead to the termination of people unable to cope in the environment.

An objective third party observer can give you a fresh perspective on the problems in your company. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your team resolve the issues facing you.